Thoughts on seasons

As usual when I don’t have time to publish something here it is because I am extra busy. Things happening in my life that takes me away from the writing momentum I need, to be able to create. And this time the things that happened where joyful and fun. My parents have been visiting and we took a trip to Northern Zambia that we have … Continue reading Thoughts on seasons

Weekend of wood work and school prep

Finally, kids are going back to physical school this week! No one is happier than me. I usually do all the school runs so it means early mornings, but it also means undisturbed days and no mum our auntie shouting around the house. This weekend we have been preparing for school and making sure we have the most important stuff for an easy start. We … Continue reading Weekend of wood work and school prep

January funk

Time seems to be moving slow. So slow. Right now. Another second, minute, day, they just drag themselves forward. We are all still right in the pandemic and here in Zambia we are just in the slow down of the forth wave. That meant that the government pushed the school start forward, from the 10th of January to the 24th. And as parents putting their … Continue reading January funk