A quick trip to Stockholm

Time is finally moving quick. Sun is back, yes, we even almost have spring here in Northern Europe. Early but very welcomed. Right now me and the girls are in Stockholm visiting the family and enjoying the city. I have a long love relation with this city and am very happy to visit every time. Right now not wishing to live here but happy that my sister lives in the middle of it all at Kungsholmen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20150314_171121.jpgThe girls at Norrmälarstrand  Alice walking and Sylvia sleeping in the Bugaboo Bee.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wpid-wp-1426350666877.jpegAlice and Nelly having fika at Espresso house at Kungsholmen.

And tonight these girls are gonna have a complete Mellodrama with the Swedish melody festival. Let the best song win!

Next time we are in town it is time to fly to Zambia. Mayani has gotten an interview with a company in Zambia and have to leave already next Wednesday. Me and the girls we leave just after Easter. At home almost everything is sold or given to charity and most of the bags are packed.

Kicking the old out and in with the new!
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2 thoughts on “A quick trip to Stockholm

    1. Jag ska göra så gott jag kan! Fota mycket så ni kan hänga med i vad som händer. Kommer att sakna dig med! Kram


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