Thoughts about moving far, far away

It has been long now since I reported from our life here in Zambia. It it not because nothing has happened, more that a lot is happening. Mayani started working at ELTEL in the beginning of September and since that day time has been moving like Mosi-o-tunya in rain season. He has long days since trafic takes almost an hour or more sometimes and he also works on Saturdays (hello back to the 50ies!!). He likes it already though and is learning a lot. The project ELTEL is doing, and that Mayani now is a part of, is connecting the whole of West and North west Zambia to the national grid. Up to now they have been without electricity or being connected to big generators. This will mean that locals can get national Zesco power but also that businesses can start developing in a whole other way than how it has been up til now.

When moving far away from what you are used to and what you know there is many phases to go through. The last couple of weeks I have been struggling a bit with the ìs this shit for real now?- emotions and who am I here?- questionsThat it is for real, I am sure off. Mayani started working and we have some kind of every day routines in a way that the months before did not have. And I guess that leads to those emotions to dare to believe that we are really doing this. Not planning, thinking or wondering if we can do it, we are living it! And I have not been thinking about it like something we achieved yet, there is still too much that is not smooth enough for me to relax and celebrate a victory or to be satisfied. Hence the other questions, who am I here? When moving to another society there is so many things going on inside and now is when I start to realize that I still am me. I can adjust and get used to a lot of things but there is a core of me that I can not and do not want to change. So enlightened in what I need, what I believe in and how I want to live I feel stronger than before realizing what was going on inside me.

The girls are good. They are getting used much quicker than me, especially Sylvia, she would not like going back living in an apartment and needing to put on clothes for the cold all the time. Alice struggles a bit more. She started to have night mares all of a sudden and coming home with some stories I really did not approve of from school so right now we are back to home schooling while looking for another school. We are trying to find something at least a bit closer to what she is used to from Sweden.

1. Mayani with his new work phone. 2.Moses and Sylvia holding hands. 3. Sun going down over Lusaka city. The magic light. 4. Sylvia and Mayani celebration Independence day. 5. Our old school map is still teaching kids on how Africa looks and how far Sweden is. 6. Sylvia helping her dad and refusing to put clothes or shoes on. 7& 8. Sisters spending time together.


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