Fashion in Zambia (I am back)

Soon we have lived in Lusaka, Zambia, for a year! Exclamation mark for sure because time just flies. It takes time to settle in, find schools, jobs and where to buy your food but to make a longer story short, we like it here. Zambia is warm, kind and colourful! Almost every day I see something that I have not seen before, a color shift in the dark skies I did not think possible, a tree so, so green or soil very red. Colours are really vibrant and present all the time. For me that is so calming and strengthening! I go for yoga here and it happens that my yoga teacher Towani also is a designer and runs Kutowa Designs. She uses patterns and colours from the Zambian chitenge fabric and designs modern but still classical clothes for both men and women. I found myself a dress in her studio the other week and must say I felt very beautiful in it!

Towani also appeared at CNN African Voices last week where she talks about her fashion and way of life. Check it out here!

Down you see Towani herself in clothes from her Ba Donna collection from 2015 (photos from Kutowa design on Facebook)


Check more of Towanis design at

4 thoughts on “Fashion in Zambia (I am back)

    1. Yes she has several classes to choose from every week. You should come and try one sometime!


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