I finished such a good book Yesterday. I started it already on vacation in March but did not really find time to dig in to it so last weekend when I was in pain and more or less spent all the time in the sofa I started again and this week I have taken every moment I could to read.

Reading is something I miss after becoming an adult really. Then life came by and stole my time. I used to read alot, and I mean ALOT, when I was a kid. I was one of thoose that could spend three weeks of Christmas Holidays just reading and my sister used to kill me for being such a boring playmate. I read all I could find and the library and my mothers book shelfs where my favorite places. Still love libraries! Best places to find calm and inspiration.
Well, the book I read was Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo and it was amazing. It has it all, drama, love, fear, murder, sex. Cried and laughed through all of it. It takes place in Nigeria both in the 1980-ies and 90-ies plus in 2008. It is a family drama affected by both time and traditions. Don´t want to say much more, just read it! Perfect read for the coming summer vacation.


Or listen to it! I read it in English because I like to read in both English and Swedish so some books I read in their written language. But I saw that it can be listened to in Swedish at Storytel and am sure that it is found on other booklisteningapps too. And while talking about listening to books I have to tip you about Reese Whiterspoons book club. She and her company Hello Sunshine focuses on books by, about and with women on all levels. Same focus as the production behind her tv-series and movies. I am on my second book listening in and so far I really like them both. The list can be found n the link above but also some of the listeningapps have it as a list and you can also press follow on Instagram where Reese reveals a new book for every month. My plan this summer, to read or listen to as many of theese books as I can!

What is your planned reads for the summer?

Happy Friday!

PS. Not been paid for any opinions or tips in this blogpost. Just things I like. DS.

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