Into the woods

Since spring/summer (very short spring, early and warm summer) came this year I have been craving nature. Don’t know why, because I am not known as a person that spends alot of her free time chasing time in the forest, but this year seeing green trees and breathing air smelling of mudd and moss have been on my agenda most of the time. Like a need to be outside away from cars and people I don’t know. Or maybe I am just trying to escape all the annoying things of his world like election discussions and ignorance? Anyhow, I just want away, and to be outside.

20180629_1503513886601350788836772.jpgPineforest at Kållandsö

I have vacation now so even more time to be outside. And the sun is shining. Some days are even too hot and a visit at the lake is better. Trees and bees. Mosquitos and ants. My kids hate both ants and mosquitos, they are running like crazy if there is too much of any of the two but they still love theese amazing summer days we are enjoying right now. And who doesn’t? Am sipping every moment up and putting it in my body to remember on cold winter nights.

20180629_1503408473719169705194217.jpgAlice and mum walking with me in the woods

wee spent last week at the summer house at Kållandsö in Western Sweden. It has been in the family since 1981 so I have spent summers there since I was a kid. It is by the biggest lake in Sweden, Vänern and the whole area is very beautiful. If you have some time you should for exxample check Läckö slott and Spiken, will come back to theese places laterr this summer since we are spending most of vacation at the summer house.

20180629_1513054869996040319580854.jpgVänern, view from our walk around a small island, Björkholmen

We are back at home over the weekend for football and some errands but soon going back to spend more time out in the woods and with family. And on that small beach pictured down!

img_20180627_135445_0726743828473513898491.jpgAlice enjoying a break from all the swiming at our “private” beach 

20180630_212521291332200695724595.jpgKids jumping in the water

So this is mostly how we will spend our summer. Relaxing and not stressing at all. What are you upto this summer?


2 thoughts on “Into the woods

  1. Nice photos! We’re doing more of the same. It’s important to get the kids outside and keep them active. When we were kids, this wasn’t a problem, but now it is becoming an epidemic.

    Looks like everyone had a fun trip! 🙂


    1. Yes, the kids love it that side and they are naturally tired in the evenings. Remember that’s how my whole summer’s was as a kid. Thank you for commenting! Have a good summer.


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