Vacation and world cup still on

Yesterday was a better day. Sweden won against Switzerland (no it’s not the same country), it is really warm again and I had a good meeting with my doctor. Got new medicine. Or not new really, but I am going to take injections instead of eating pills that gives me nausea and makes me vomiting. Also got injections of cortisone in my hips. Yes, it hurts a bit but it’s all worth it because it takes away almost all the pain.

Well, I also finished a really good book. One of the books on Reese Witherspoons Book club list. I listened at Storytel and it’s another good vacation read. It’s there to listen to both in English and Swedish.

We also drove back to Kållandsö and started the “real” vacation together the whole family. We had left Sylvia with mum and dad when we came back to Örebro and Mayani worked last week.

How driving looks inside and outside the car

So back to walks in the woods and picnics at the Beach. And relaxing in the garden while dad and Mayani builds a new wooden deck.

My kids sure knows how to relax!

How is your summer so far?



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