Poem to summer

I just want to keep sitting in sun chairs

Using no other shoes than Birkenstock

Forgetting to put sun screen and feel my skin burn a bit

Chase mosquitoes in the night and flies in the day

Keep walking in the woods and picking blueberries as snacks

I want to keep forgetting what day it is or what time, week or month

I want to keep doing summer like this until the fall comes and the natural feeling of doing returns

I want to do vacation like this forever

Teaching myself to grow, to slow down, to feel my body’s needs, to love every aching part of it

Accepting flaws and disease, and appreciating what’s still strong

Self love, love, family love, love of the sun, so much love.

My unpedicured feed, Birkenstocks and the old wooden deck

My legs, sun chairs, lawn and bushes.


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