Self care and books

February is soon ending, and that is like the best thing. Not a fan of February. March comes with more promise of spring and warmth and the birthday of my first born. She turns 11 this year! A real tweenie. Can´t believe it, but at the same time I can, because I feel older.

20190216_201542Since this chronic disease took me down three weeks ago, I am slowly getting better. But I am not good at slow and I am not good with pain. I try to take care of myself. I try to do all I can to get better. I take my pain killers, I do my yoga, I do not stress, I sleep and I rest. And one thing that is actually a good thing with feeling like shit is that I think more about what makes me feel good and happy and try to do more of thoose things to help the body to heal. Reading is one of thoose things, listening to music another and I often forget both of them. So today, when the sun looked out, me and Sylvia took a short walk to the library in our small town. We have like 800 m to walk and I had not been. So first I got myself a lending card, quick and easy, and then it was just to start searching for books. I will this year try to read books and stories that are written from other parts of the world than Sweden. The point is to read stories that are different from my own and help broaden my world view, I can never learn enough. Books have always helped me to travel, in time and in fantasy, and I believe in their power to teach us things we do not know. Last year, the best booked I read was this, it has everything! So now I am looking forward to what this year is bringing. I also listen to Becoming by Michelle Obama so I am still trying to read and listen in both English and Swedish.

20190225_142529-1Sylvia borrowed two books about how to easily learn how to draw, and she wanted to quickly bike home to start trying. Here she is drawing a vampire from instructions in the book. I think she is amazing. Proud mum. Always.

20190225_135420Which books do you read? Or listen to? Hit me with your tips. The Morning in Jenin was a tip from my sister.



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