Down the memory lane and export/import business

It is time for you to get to know the Jenny Changala that keeps appearing and reappearing in the bloggosphere a bit more. I had blogs before. Yes, I did and when I sat looking through my old WordPress blogs (allhingsdesigned and thechangalas) and trying to find a way to save them the other day, I found a funny thing called export and import on the menu. Wow, I thought, maybe I can collect all off the old writing and blogging I have done on one site, at the same time saving i and not loosing it all (like I did with the previous And as a bonus my readers can get hold of all the old posts at the same place and getting to know me a little bit better.

After some exporting, saving files and importing again I manged to get all my old blogposts from as far as 2012 on here! Its not like I have written thousand of posts but I have been writing for some time and it becomes like a diary over our life. And this little trick gave me some energy to revive the blog a bit further and slowly making some plans for how I can use it for benefitting my own wellbeing.

I have always been writing and reading and it has always made me feel good. Better about myself, better about the world and the life we are living.

Unfortunatly, not all the photos felt like they had to follow ther respective posts during the exporting/importing phase, so I have to sit and go through all of them and making the posts complete with the pictures. Hard to guess how nice time we had in Siavong on Lake Kariba if you dont have photos. That particular post I manages to fix so go check our December 2015 trip to Lake Kariba here! Mum and dad are in it!


I also fixed this post, with thoughts about moving to Zambia, where I write a little about how life was getting in order after six months in Lusaka. Also 2015. Go check it here!


And why not read this short one on why I started blogging again in 2012 after not doing it for some years (yes, I blogged already in 2006 when I first went to Zambia, was a frequent poster on Resedagboken If anyone remembers!)  Its the very first bloggpost on All things designed from 2012. I have no idea which photo was really in the post so I put the first one that survived the export/import. Go check some photo quality from 2012!

Or go check which stroller we got for Sylvia in 2014. It was supposed to be a one-and-one-only stroller with her but you who know me know that THAT did not happen. But we had thoughts about having just one, go check which one here.

And if you read this one you see that The hunt for the perfect stroller never stopped. Just laughing at it now, and at my sister that thought I was the worst and now she has two kids and wait for it, FOUR, strollers. And she just sold the fifth one. Well, strollers are most important during parenting leave and while the kiddos are small so I understand us!


And LOOK UP, how cute can a kiddo be? Sylvia enjoying her first stroller.

So bit by bit I will update all my old posts and categorise them, but if you stumble on something that looks strange and with pics that wont open, just know I have not gotten to it yet.

Happy reading!


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