Once a nurse, always a nurse….

I am finally back at work! Started with a weekend full of evenings. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To work weekends comes with the job description when you work as an ICU nurse. Sometimes it really sucks to work when everybody else is off, especially when you are invited to parties or other fun things people do on weekends (what do people do really?). But most of the times it feels ok, and I can after 10 years plus, not see my self doing any other kind of job. I would miss the acute care, the team spirit that is there among collegues and the patients we take care of.

I tried to not be a nurse. Studied something else, took the whole two years in Zambia off but it didn´t give the ease I thought it would. I longed back to the acute care nursing. It is the very best job on earth. Every day you go to work and you get to help people feel better. When they are in pain, we relief it, when they are anxious, we comfort, we make sure lungs, heart, brain and body is at it´s best under the circumstances that brought them to the hospital.

So, on Friday I was finally well enough to be back for an evening shift at post operative (we work at both ICU and postoperative) and it started with a tour of our new hospital building. They are building a completely new structure for the acute care of the hospital. It will hold the ER, the OR, the ICU, the heart intensive care and much more supportive services like the x-ray unit. The new ICU is bigger and planned completely different from the one  we are currently in. We move in in September/October and I am sure it will be both challenging and fun. Down is the new building from the outside, the view from our current ward, and the car when you knock of late in winter (so much fun!).

The rest of the weekend was pretty calm with a good flow. We didnt have to run around like crazy to manage (sometimes we absolutely need to). I managed all three evenings and the pain is so much better.

So what do you like, dislike with your jobs? Dreaming about doing something else or perfectly happy where you are?
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11 thoughts on “Once a nurse, always a nurse….

  1. I completely agree I work most weekends of the year and being 26 years old my friends do a lot of stuff on the weekends. I’m always missing out but I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything!


  2. I completely agree, It’s hard when your the only shift worker in your friend group, your always the one who cant do that time. I work almost every weekend so its hard! I wouldn’t change it for anything though!


    1. Wait, you say you work almost every weekend, it that a must or you can choose? We have a minimun of 10 weekend shifts (inculding Friday evening) on 10 weeks that we are obliged to do.


      1. Yeah my husband works Tuesday-Saturday week.. and I routinely do the Sunday for penalties, we just built a house! But try to have our weekends on Monday/Tuesday.. it works for us but catching up with non-shift worker friends is hard!


  3. I’m a nurse myself. I haven’t worked since I had my son but I miss it every day. I totally understand what you mean. I don’t see nursing as a job. It is a calling and a privilege. Lucky you!!! Enjoy and keep writing. Loving your posts!


    1. Thank you for reading and the encouragment! I really see nursing as a priviliege but here it is dangerous to call it a calling since that’s what the employers use to keep our salaries down. We still need to get payed for the job we are doing but mostly we find the money going elsewhere. So frustrating! I hope you one day will get back to the nursing profession!

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