Treasures on the hard drive

This with blogging can be a hustle sometimes, or I make it a hustle most of the times. When I was moving photos from Mayanis computer to the new harddrive I got, I found a folder with all the photos from the posts I made on the previous What happened when I lost it was that I self hosted it with Bluehost, but when I forgot to pay during the time we decided to stay here in Sweden again (blogging was not my priority right in that moment), I lost the hosting and the posts was not saved on my WordPress site either. Hence, I am not self hosting now even if all I read about blogging and hosting says I should. I do  not trust myself to save my posts externally so better I just go full WordPress, hosting and all.

But since I found all the photos I feel like re-writing the posts to keep our little diary over our life complete. They will probably not end up exactly the same but at least the photos are telling the story. I made a try so go check out “Treasure hunting in down town Lusaka”. Its from September 2016, when hubby and me was driving down town Lusaka to find something to fix something, and we almost always found exactly what we needed in the markets of Lusaka CBD. And it was September, my favourite month in Zambia. Jakaranda trees in bloom….

Gosh, I remember thinking it was such a big project going into town to look for things, but now when I look at this I miss it. Always missing where I am not.






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