Complicated cake and family fun

This weekend we celebrated Alices 11th birthday. Her birthday was on Friday and we had invited the grandparents, the great grand ma and my sister with her family too a small party on Saturday. Alice loves baking so she had planned a marshmallow cake and she did (almost) everything on her own. She started with doing the cake bases, or the actual cake parts, on Thursday and Friday evening. And Saturday morning started with doing the stuffing and the decoration. It took Alice and her dad almost an hour and a half to put all those small marsh mallows on top of the cake. While they did that, I vacuumed and made sure the apartment would fit more shoes and coats.

20190311_164210Seriously time consuming cake….

img_20190309_163902_397Marshmallow cake, from the cook book “Baking with candy” by Jenny Warsén. Looking almost exactly like in the book.

20190311_163702Alice, Vincent and Sylvia preparing to eat the cake. As a table cloth we had chitenge from Zambia inhereted by Alice and Sylvias grand ma Dorothy and we drank coffe in the old coffe cups inhereted from my grand ma Barbro. She had maybe 15 different coffe sets and I can assure you I never saw her use this one while I grew up. I found it beautiful though so I got to keep it.

20190311_165730Dad and Emilia having fika and more coffe cups and chitenge. 

20190311_170236Dads and Vincent hanging in Sylvias room, they ended up starting a band.

We had prepared a music quiz on Spotify and since both me and Alice loves tv-series and movies it had that theme. We picked songs from series we watched but also old ones that we knew the others had seen. They where really good and got high points, even if we made it a bit difficult. Check it here

And the evening finished with watching the Swedish Melodifestivalen (The local competition before Eurovision Song Contest). The right song won, Too late for love with John Lundvik, and we were happy!

Sunday we spent resting and drinking coffe at my sisters house. In the evening me and the kids watched “To all the boys I loved before” on Netflix, worth watching, all in all, a pretty perfect weekend.



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