Why I love a good mall right now

Yesterday we spent some time at the mall. And not any mall, the biggest one in Sweden, Mall of Scandinavia. Alice and Mayani was going to watch Sweden play against Germany in a friendly game at the Arena just next to the mall, so me and Sylvia figured we should hang and do some shopping. Mostly we do thrift store shopping for both clothes and things for the house so for Sylvia a big mall is an exiting thing to do. 

So who does not think about shopping in a cute, romantic and picturesque setting like an alley or among old fabulous buildings? Walking on cobblestone and taking selfies with colorful doors and walls behind you? Well, I used too anyway, but, motherhood and a tired body dealing with a chronic disease changed me. Living in Zambia also got me used too mall shopping and made me appreciate a good mall, one that could look to all my (and my kids) needs at once. 

In my head I still think that shopping and strolling around in a beautiful city is the ultimate experience, but reality with kids is so far from that. Like the story goes like; start with coffee and fika, and then the bookshop, and then, how far is the bookstore from the shoe shop? Do we need to take the bus, can she walk? Where is the next shop with good kids clothes, and “MUM, I need to weewee again”? And then I need coffee, again. And so it goes on. Can you see us? Well, I can not anymore. The city craves me and only me, or maybe me and my sister.

To be honest I have mostly shopped online for years, and in Zambia there is not many big shops city in the the CBD (read this!) . When ever we would go shopping with the kids we would end up on one of the many great malls that are around town.

So, Yesterday when we drove away from Mall of Scandinavia I admitted to myself that this was the ultimate shopping experience right now. Like when we went to the Lego shop and they had free Lego building, you build something and bring with you home. Very happy Sylvia. And also, four hours of free parking, plenty of bathrooms, pretty make up shops, happy me (got a lipstic

This is why I love a good mall right now:

  • Entertainment and shops for everyone close to each other (everybody happy)
  • Easy to find toilets, clean and so on 
  • Somewhere to sit and rest (I need it)
  • Free parking (spend money on things that is worth spending on)
  • Coffee shops in plenty 
  • Good kids clothes shops and a mix of price ranges

Why I love a good mall right now

Malls will never be romantic or have that old feeling you get in a down town city, but for me it is the perfect way to shop right now.

I hope you are having a good weekend. 



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