Three things I do to survive April

In Sweden April is the last month of “it can be winter again all of a sudden” and I am not in the mood of arguing with winter clothes, shoes, hats and cold cars in the morning anymore. So I have to just survive it. Soon, soon, soon full out spring will be here and all of a sudden it is summer. So I have three tips to survive these last couple of weeks.

  • I try to read more books since it reminds me of vacation (who doesn´t read books on vacation?) and I have always loved reading, so buying myself a book or going to the library to borrow some is a good way to inject some new feels. Right now I just finished reading Mornings in Jenin, I am currently reading the first book of the Outlander series and I want to buy Woman of Color by Latonya Yvette. I use Goodreads to keep track of my reading. I think its fun to see which one I have read and also keep track of books I want to read. Follow Latonya on IG , photo from there.


  • Do some more self caring stuff, like dance with your kids in front of YouTube videos or put in some extra yoga sessions. We like to listen to Zambian music since it feel summery, warm and happy. Love the feeling it gives me and love how my kids dance to it. Check my IG if you want to see them dance a bit, especially Sylvia. And I do my yoga at home right now, I move on the mat how my body feels. Some days its very stiff and some days smooth. I use Pinterest (go follow me) to pin ideas on flows I can use when I need some inspiration but I also pay for Yogaglo right now. Am keen though on testing Jessamyn Stanleys new yoga platform The Underbelly. She is so inspiring and I would feel right to pay her for her work. Most importantly is to just get on the mat and honour the practice. Pic from Jessamyns Instagram.


  • Start planting inside! Mostly my husband and the kids that do the actual planting but I enjoy the process and I love walking around watering the pots and whats that they plant in and see it grow. It is growing quick! Which off course reminds me of the soon to be spring and summer when it all will be planted put in the garden (yes, we have one now!) and slowly become food that we eat and enjoy. So plant stuff!

Three things I do to survive AprilSylvias carrots!

What tips and tricks do you have to survive the last weeks of Winter/early Spring? Or is it full blown Spring already where you live?



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