Summertime, finally

I just realized that I really love this time of the year. It has been light and warm (-er) for some months so me and everybody else in this cold country has warmed up a bit. We have gotten some sunshine and soften up to our environment a bit more than during winter. But also, it is just the middle of summer which means that there are a couple of months left before darkness and coldness is getting us back into Netflix-binging. It is all about enjoying this and appreciate what comes with this season.

So far we have been on a road trip and visited friends. Swam at several beaches. Picked wild berries and put them on grass strings. Biked. Picked potatoes and carrots from our garden. Celebrated midsummer at the country side and some more summery stuff. We have more vacation coming up so it is not over yet.



Also, having staycation and spending the whole summer in Sweden like we are this year, makes you realize how much I still have not seen in this long and beautiful country. Theese photos are from home (40 km outside Stockholm) and from south of Sweden.

How are you enjoying your summer months? Or your winter for thoose of you that enjoys that this time of the year?


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