Soon time for Holiday in Zambia

Hi after a long time!

This is winter!
Summer disappeared and so did I. Most of Autumn was spent working and reading and trying to catch as much sunshine as possible until the darkness arrived. I managed quite okay until the end of October when I got a cold and after that it has just continued being hard. This week I got a flare again in my PsA and got reminded of how weak and tired I get from having so much pain. So I am not unhappy that we long time ago applied for leave and booked a longer trip to Zambia this winter. We need to go “home” (always hard to mention it as something else than home) and check our house, meet the family and friends. I always feels like we need to be on both places at the same time. The kids have not been back since we had to move here so for them this trip is really important.  So this Christmas we are leaving the snow and the cold and going home for a hot and sunny Holiday Season. 

We are planning to stay quite a lot at home in Lusaka and doing fun stuff around town, but also doing some small trips out and one longer one up to North of Zambia and Mayani is going to show the kids (me too off course) a lot of the places where he grew up.

So while you are waiting for my (very frequent 😉 ) blog posts from our Zambia trip you can visit Dee at The Zed Travel Foodie and read her latest post about what to do in Zambia over the festive season. We have already planned three (or actually four if you count Lusaka) of her trips; Livingstone (all of us), South Luangwa (my sister and her husband) and Mpulungu (The Changalas).

You can also take a chance to get updated on how our life in Zambia was and read some of my old blog posts like Our house in Lusaka or Treasure hunting down town Lusaka or It seems like the rains are over or when we took my parents to Siavonga or why not this one with some of my favorite photos ever Stories from Kwamwena. So many memories.

You can always check under the Zambia tag and find more stories from our life and travels in Zambia. Happy reading!

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