Sundays with us


I hope you are having a nice end of the week and feel ready for Monday. I have had a better week, and am starting to feel all the benefits from my (on and off the mat) yoga practice. I sleep better, I feel less pain in my body, I have more energy, I feel happier and more confident in my own abilities. Burn out is not a joke and finding what works for me has been a journey. it still is, and I am quite confident it will never stop. Will surely write more about this further on.

Feeling better is giving me more inspiration and creative flows and today I felt like sharing our day on Instagram Stories. It’s nothing extra, just our regular day, but my intuition is telling me the world needs more of normal and regular life right now. And maybe as a commitment to myself and my creativity I will be sharing every Sunday. A little bit more of us for you to see. My kids are inspirations on their own, they daily do things that inspire me. More inspiration and creativity to the world too. So make sure you go to jchangala on Instagram and check my story out.

Have a good week and stay safe!

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