Lusaka we are in (and the first month has been hectic)

We arrived! Actually, we arrived almost exactly five weeks ago. We have been very busy so have not had any time to even reflect on arriving.

I am still in the phase were I am realizing that we are staying here, and are not only here on vacation. I keep looking at my weather app (Swedes, you know what I am talking about), and thinking I need a jacket when a exit the house. I keep wanting a sundowner on every evenings amazing sunset, forgetting that I will have a new one tomorrow again. But I am getting there, this last two weeks the feeling of staying has settled a bit more, and I am finding myself avoiding the heat instead of craving it and ditching the alcoholic sundowner for a glass of water.

When I now think about it we have gotten a lot done in this time.

-We got a new (not really new, Japanese imported car from 2008, but in Zambia we call this new). The importance of a working car in Lusaka is not to underestimate (tip for future movers!). It has to be comfortable, safe and good on fuel, because you spend a lot of time in it. We got a Nissan Xtrail and so far really like it.
– The kids has started school and are enjoying it. They ended up writing term 2 exams after just being in school for 10 days but both of them coped really well. And today we had third party conference with their teachers and they are impressed by them and think they are settling in well. The Zambian school year has three terms and term three was supposed to start 6th September but because of COVID, second and third term was interwoven. Now we thing third term will go on like normal and the next exams are in two months. The school we found online and through friends recommendations. They where outstanding in communication from abroad, emails and whats app video calls and everything else when enrolling the kids was very straight forward. The school has both Zambian and international curriculum with GCSE and IB which is the lane that Alice is on. Sylvia is going to going on international track from grade 6.
– We have also set up more around the house and stocked it with all that is needed. We have started building more furniture, Mayani builds, me and the kids designs and tells him what we want. Florence bed is the first piece that is ready and it came out very good. His workshop is set up but still needs more stable flooring and some cover for the rains.
-Mayani also started working. He was thrown straight into business and is already very busy.
-I also started studying my creative writing course on distance and have had two deadlines that N managed. We got more sustainable internet this week and can now feel more relaxed on be able to take part in the education modules.
– We visited our farmland, slept there for a night, and started construction on two chalets. they are being built with traditional methods and materials, I will write more about this in a specific post. Its all very exiting, for us too. Mud bricks, grass roofs. I see flatstones on the floors but that is not decided on yet.

So, when I write it down like this it now feels like a lot in five weeks, but we have this idea that nothing is moving. Maybe we have this feeling, because we have been planning this move the whole year and been quite busy at it the whole time, so we are used to always just keep going. When the reality now is that we actually can take it a bit slower, and just do what is needed for now for a while. Maybe we will get there eventually.

Here is some photos from the first month. And remember that I update my stories on IG much more frequent than this. Go follow at @jchangala

2 thoughts on “Lusaka we are in (and the first month has been hectic)

  1. Hej Jenny!
    Jag vet inte vad den akademiska världen menar med “creative writing” men i den vanliga världen, där jag finns, har du redan en enorm förmåga till det.
    Glädje eller sorg. Jag fastnar alltid i dina texter, läser alltid till slutet och vill ändå läsa mer oavsett ämne. Fortsätt skriva! Jag ser fram emot din första bok om några år.
    Är så tacksam att jag kan följa dig här på nätet även om det ibland kan bli långt mellan besöken.
    Lycka till med ditt “nygamla” liv i Zambia.
    Massor av kramar
    Carina Jensen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hej Carina! Och tack så himla mycket. Blir alldeles tårögd. Är jätteglad att du läser mina texter och tar tacksamt emot kommentarer och tips. Ska göra mitt bästa för att få ihop en bok nån gång. Nu när jag äntligen faktiskt skriver, och får möjlighet att träna mer på det på min skrivkurs.
      Jag hoppas du mår bra.
      Massor av kramar


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