What´s streaming?

It´s still raining most of the time. Today we got a little bit of sunshine and it was warmer. Not much have changed since last weeks update. We are still doing online learning and internet is slow, slower this week, the rain is still heavy and the thunders frequent. I am also still in a funk, still tired like I get no sleep. Which I do, I sleep, so it makes no sense. Don’t know the reasons of this tiredness and am not even inclined to dig into it more. I am deciding its post viral fatigue, after our flulike-probably-covid situation after Christmas.
   So, with that said, I have been watching a lot of Netflix and alike. In between reading and studying. And since going on Instagram now is like seeing the horror story of; “what is going on in your quarantine home?” with both sick parents and kids, working from home all over again, it feels like we all need a post with what to watch on some different streaming services. I have been enjoying some new seasons on shows I have started long time ago, some new short limited series and some re-watches (always have some series I re-watch!).

So here we go, let´s start with Netflix::

Margaret Qualley as Alex

Maid – Netflix original Limited series. 10 episodes. A story about domestic violence dripping through generations. Asking questions on who you can trust, who is family and friend and other important subjects. Very good acting (Andie McDowell is amazing), perfect filming and setting. Sad but with a very hopeful and strong main character. Also partly based on real life story, always makes it extra interesting to watch.

Bridgerton – Netflix original. Season 1, 8 episodes. Season 2 in the making. This is not new, I am sure a lot of you have already seen it. BUT. If you have missed this one it’s a must see. And season 2 is on its way. It´s based on the books by Julia Quinn and one of the best adaptations from a book series I have ever seen (almost always like the books more). Romance in a historic setting, the clothes are amazing, the scenes are amazing and the actors really good. Also, the music is very beautiful with classic adaptations on Billie Eilish for example.

Greenleaf – 5 seasons. Produced by Oprah Winfrey productions. Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the walls in those huge mega churches in southern USA (and growing here in Zambia, and a lot of other countries)? This is a soap opera style series that includes it all. All the sins, all the love, all the secrets. Set in Memphis, USA and with very good actors, Oprah Winfrey has a role herself. There is five seasons and you will watch them all in one sitting just to see who hurt who and who is going to win in the end.

I also have access to HBO Max and here is what I have enjoyed from there recently:

Issa Rae as Issa Dee

Insecure– 5 seasons. Also available on Showmax for us in the Southern African region. Issa Rae is the queen of comedy and relationship dramas. Now the final season is here, and it is so good. But start from the beginning if you have not gotten to know Issa and her friends yet. You follow them through heart break, happiness, friendship and jog opportunities and losses. Issa Rae has with this series opened a lot of doors both for herself and other black creatives, actors, producers and more. And they won´t be closing again.

Station Eleven– 1 season. Limited series based on the novel by Emily St. John Mandel. Mandel has also been part in writing the script for the series. This book is about a pandemic, and its written years before the current one we are in right now. The virus in Station Eleven is also way more deadly and almost everybody dies. I read the book first and really liked it. Then I watched the series and I really like it too. They have made some changes but the core subjects are the same. We follow the characters of the series through the hitting of the virus and up to 20 years after when a group of people has started a moving theatre that perform Shakespeare.

On Prime video I have been binging on this show:

The Pearson Family

This is us – 5 seasons. The best family and relationship drama ever made. Who doesn’t love Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia (old Gilmore Girls fans get it!) and Sterling K. Brown in the same show? It has everything. We follow the Pearson family through generations and that is one of the things I love with this show, they do it so well. They tell the full story about a character so you really understand why the person is and does what it does. It has made me cry several times and it is just beautiful. Also, the final sixth season is showing in the US right now, I am just waiting for it to be put on Prime for another streaming binge.

My last tip is The Walking dead universe!

So far there are three shows that tackles the zombie apocalyps that are portrayed in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead – The original show. 10 seasons. 11th just started streaming on AMC. The show is based on the comic book series The Walking dead that is telling the story about a zombie apocalyps. It now covers several years and follows a group of people and how they handle this huge pandemic. The walking dead was the first show in the universe and it is a must see to watch the others, at least I think so. The show can nowadays be seen on HBO max, Netflix and Disney+. I never thought I would get in to this kind of show but my brother-in-law knew me better, now I am stuck. Thank you Robert!

Fear the Walking Dead – 7 seasons. More coming. Follow up series in the same world Several crossover characters. In this show we get to see more about the beginning and what really happened when the world fell apart. Important clues about the mysterious Civic Republic Military is also reviled. Also, when you get into this world of survival and how people act and react its really interesting and I gladly consume it all. Can be seen on both Prime Video and HBO Max.

The Walking Dead – The World Beyond. 2 seasons. The newest edition to the universe and it starts 10 years after the original series. Focuses on the youth that where kids when it all started. Tells a lot more about the Civic Republic Military and some clues about Rick (cant say more). Also some crossover characters and important explanations that is connected to the other two series. Can only been seen on Prime video (outside of AMC).

This became a long post. I hope you read all the way here and that you find something to binge to make the quarantine better. Please comment which series and movies you have watched and don´t think I should miss. As you can see I like a wide range of shows!


3 thoughts on “What´s streaming?

  1. I am so not a series bigger, but that’s mostly due to bad Internet connection! We are currently watching Manifest and I would have binge watched if it wasn’t for the kids that are at boarding so I have to wait all week to watch a few more episodes! Another series we git stuck into as a family during online school was Iron fist (both on Netflix), just the right amount of story and action for everyone.


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