Weekend of wood work and school prep

Finally, kids are going back to physical school this week! No one is happier than me. I usually do all the school runs so it means early mornings, but it also means undisturbed days and no mum our auntie shouting around the house. This weekend we have been preparing for school and making sure we have the most important stuff for an easy start. We have put all the kids at the same private school (together with help from friends and family in Swede). So this is the first term they are all four going to the same school. It feels very good and they are all very exited. At the schools here you provide certain things your self. We pay school fees, but they do not include uniforms or books or pens or pencils. In the beginning of each term we get a list of things that is necessary for making learning as good as possible. For example for Sylvia and Moses, that are in primary, we buy the different books for all the subjects, pens, notebooks, a pair of scissor, watercolors and brushes and some other small things. For the big girls that are in secondary, it is other things, like a mathematical sets and books and pencils. It can be a hustle if you don´t plan how to buy and if you are not prepared, but we have done this some times now and we had good luck Yesterday with finding almost everything we needed in one shop.
While we where prepping for school Mayani was home doing what he likes most, working with his wood machines. He has gotten a small order from a company that makes gift boxes and they wanted ten boxes to use for a bigger order they got for a client. Its a friend that owns the company and she makes really nice flower bouqets and gifts in her company Exotic Blooms. She also runs an event business and does amazing set ups. Check Lumsden Events. It is always nice to work with and support your friends that are making a small business work. Mayani is trying to have more time for his company Milemu Crafts on the side from his work as a general manager at an engineering firm here in Lusaka. He really loves working with wood so he builds all kinds of things right now. I help with inspiration and design on certain furniture and stuff. Mostly we build for our home, but he also would like to get more orders from other people. I know our friend also started her business on the side from having an “ordinary” job. After getting enough clients she could manage to quit her day job. Here in Zambia this is very common, to work on the side with something giving you more money that is not from your actual day job. To be able to do something you really like on the side off course makes it easier. Mayani does not feel like he is working when he is building things, its even a way for him to rest and recharge. Go follow us on Milemu Crafts on Instagram to get updates and inspiration. This weekend we repurposed a door to a table and I have posted a little bit about it.
We also had time this weekend to have a sundowner, light some fires and swim in the pool. Sometimes I really feel like we created our own little paradise here at home and when I realize that I feel a deep contentment at just being at home together with family and enjoy what we created.
Some photo memories from the weekend:

And January funk is on its way out, the year 2022 can officially start now! I hope its getting easier where you are too.


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