Monthly wrap up

January is finally coming to it´s end. It has felt like 90 days instead of soon 30. Everybody keeps telling me “January is always long”, but I have never really felt like that before. In Sweden I always felt it was grey, cold and dark, but February has less days and feels as grey, cold and dark. This year though, January has showed it´s true colours. I did get some things done though. I put several posts up here, and I managed my dead line on my creative writing course. I also caught up with some of the things I missed in December when we where on the funeral. I have read and finished three books and kids finally started school.
We went to the farm, read about our Farm dreams here. And January gave me serious funk and I wrote about it here (January funk). I watched a lot of series on Netflix, Prime and HBO and gave you some tips what to watch here (Whats streaming?). And this week I told you more about Mayanis company Milemu Crafts and how we prepare for school start. Read all about it here (Weekend of wood work and school prep).
I am currently reading several books at the same time, I always do that, but I have managed to finish three so far in January. I really liked all of them. I use Goodreads app to keep track on what I read and I also give my self a challenge every year. This year I have decided to try and read 60 books and I also joined a reading challenge by melanatedreader on Instagram to read 20 books by black women this year. You can also read Crystals blog here.

Above: My January reading so far. Can recommend all three books.

January has above all given us a lot of rains. Everything is now green and our
gravel roads are muddy and wet. I still take walks and wash my shoes after every time, and the sun still shines in between the rains and dries the ground up. So let´s the rest of the year start!


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