Rest and resist

When living in a world like ours, there is never really time for a break.

As a person feeling it all, there is never a moment of complete stillness.

Only if I take it myself, the stillness. I make myself sit with the feelings and let them be.

let them be and finally I am relieved, it feels a little bit easier. I breath through it, I sit with it, I sometimes cry.

I know I need to take care of myself and rest as a act of resistance.

I rest, so I can take the fight of oppression, violence and war. To stand up against the dark powers in this world, in this time.

I rest.

Sometimes I fail.

Sometimes I just know it will work.

Most times living our best lives, and giving our families, kids, loved ones, friends the best times, is the best kind of resistance.

I refuse to suffer for their vile thoughts, actions and their twisted world views.

By standing true to what I know is right, the absolute right for everybody to live a life in freedom, with love and kindness and compassion.

By defending those human rights, we will survive and we will eventually thrive.

So do not give up my friends. Rest, recharge and get back to it. Kindness will prevail, love will win. I refuse to live in a world where it wont. We will resist.

Love, Jenny


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