The Changala life through my Camera roll

Sometimes life just spins on and I don´t have space to put down in words what is going on. I journal less, I write less and I come up with less ideas for the blog. But one thing I always do is to snap photos on a daily basis. The smartphone is the best thing ever for me when it comes to taking photos. Before the revolution of the smart phone camera I did take photos but not at all like now on small, mundane and beautiful things from our every day life. And I love it! I use them often to look back and remember and they tell a story about us that I wouldn´t be able to write about anyway. So, today I thought you get a glimpse into how my camera roll has looked for the last couple of weeks. A lot of kids, animals and Mayani working on his wood business Milemu Crafts. Alice had her birthday, Florence and Alice played football for their school and qualified for nationals, Sylvia has been sick again and Moses scored a 100% on his paper 2 assessment. Enjoy! /Jenny


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