Thoughts on seasons

As usual when I don’t have time to publish something here it is because I am extra busy. Things happening in my life that takes me away from the writing momentum I need, to be able to create. And this time the things that happened where joyful and fun. My parents have been visiting and we took a trip to Northern Zambia that we have planned for years. Finally it happened and it was amazing. Am goin to do a three piece serious about it so that you can use for your own travel plans.
Have been having a lot of thoughts lately about living in a country that does not follow the same seasons as where you where born. Those feelings of that old season is still lying there under the surface somewhere and idly telling you how to feel because of the name of a month. It is May, and in my birth country Sweden, it is the month just before full blown summer. Sometimes it is cold, and looks more like April, but sometimes it is warm and summer is already there. It also means the end of the term for those going to school and Universities. And I am, as I have said before, studying creative writing on distance from Mid University in Sweden. I cant believe that the whole year has already finished. Last week I had the last dead line and this week is the last week to give feedback on the other students texts and get feedback. I am sitting by the computer and finding tears rolling down my cheeks because I have enjoyed this course so much and am sad that summer (Swedish) hence a break is here. I have applied for the continuation course starting this September but I don’t know yet if I get accepted.
The realization that I am crying because a course is finished hit med hard. I finally found something that feels fun and easy to study and I feel so much love. Love for myself to keep trying, to have not given up on finding what gives me joy. To the possibilities it might bring me to continue a life as a writing person. And it dawns on me that it is time now. Finally it is my time to do what I love, so I am sitting with this a bit and just trying to enjoy the joy of having found something I really love doing.

I hope you are enjoying your season wherever you are in the world!

DS. Planning the three piece Northern Zambia travel piece to be written during June, so sign up for my email list so you don’t miss it. PS


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