My name is Jenny, I am 38 years old and am married to the love of my life and we have two girls. I have been blogging on and off since 2009. It has always been a place for me to express myself and writing about me and my family and the life we live. Some years back I was very into interiors and blogged about that. Now I read a lot and have written more about books and what they mean to me. More or less, this has been a blog about what feeds me creatively and where life brings me and my family. Me and my husband comes from very different backgrounds, I am brought up in a small town in western Sweden and my husband grew up in a military family moving around a lot in Zambia. We still try to combine our different backgrounds and instead of making them an issue, we are trying, mostly successfully, to live a life where we get the best out of both societies and cultures. 

At this moment, November 2020, we live in Sweden, in a small town around 40 km north west of Stockholm. I am a ICU nurse and my husband an electrical engineer and the girls go to school just around the corner. We moved here two years ago and it fits us right now.  But we have moved around a lot and we constantly miss our other home and house in Lusaka Zambia. the country where my husband comes from and where our girls have their second, or first, home. 

A short history on how that happened. We met in 2006 in Lusaka, Zambia at UTH School of Nursing. Yes, we are both nurses and I was sent on a scholarship to the hospital where my husband did his nursing training. He reschooled after moving to Sweden in 2007 and is since 2014 an electrical engineer. I have worked in emergency care, ICU, postoperative and neonatal wards. Our two daughters are named Alice Taizya, she is 12, and Sylvia Iwvananji, she is soon 7.

We moved to Lusaka in 2015 and planned to stay there forever and ever, but life happens. We built a house in a suburb of Lusaka (we started 2008) to bring it to where it is now. We wanted to stay there but the summer of 2017 we where back here in Sweden for my sisters wedding and we ended up staying. This is for sure not the last move we will do either. Make sure to follow to see where the future brings us! 

This space will give you a chance to see how life can be when having homes in two continents and wanting to bring your kids up in both worlds. To add on their experiences and make sure they get the best they can get from both. To give them the chances to learn two cultures and multiple languages. It is lifestyle blog with all that comes with that. Book tips, health tips, bread baking and room makeovers (we almost never cleans without moving furniture to new places). Movies we like and places we go. And of course our ongoing love for all things thrifted, old or repurposed. 

Under Culture you can find all things cultural off course. Like books, movies and music. Under Wellbeing I will write about health, mine or others, yoga and mental health. As a nurse this topic will always be close to my heart.
Under The Changalas you will find matters of family life, projects we do, like building a house, and travelling we do. 

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I hope you find something here to inspire or enjoy you. Be well!