What´s streaming?

It´s still raining most of the time. Today we got a little bit of sunshine and it was warmer. Not much have changed since last weeks update. We are still doing online learning and internet is slow, slower this week, the rain is still heavy and the thunders frequent. I am also still in a funk, still tired like I get no sleep. Which I … Continue reading What´s streaming?

January funk

Time seems to be moving slow. So slow. Right now. Another second, minute, day, they just drag themselves forward. We are all still right in the pandemic and here in Zambia we are just in the slow down of the forth wave. That meant that the government pushed the school start forward, from the 10th of January to the 24th. And as parents putting their … Continue reading January funk

Lusaka we are in (and the first month has been hectic)

We arrived! Actually, we arrived almost exactly five weeks ago. We have been very busy so have not had any time to even reflect on arriving. I am still in the phase were I am realizing that we are staying here, and are not only here on vacation. I keep looking at my weather app (Swedes, you know what I am talking about), and thinking … Continue reading Lusaka we are in (and the first month has been hectic)

Small snippets of Summer from my camera roll

Summer is sweeping by and we are trying our best to enjoy it at the same time as not being to sentimental, since this is the last Swedish summer in a while. We have been to the beach, walked in the woods, barbecued and biked. Me and Alice read a lot (check out my bookstagram if you feel like getting some reading tips). Mayani is … Continue reading Small snippets of Summer from my camera roll

Moving from Sweden to Zambia

Words from in the middle of the packing and move out of our apartment (have not left Sweden yet), some time back, was to tired afterwards to even post it: “I just sat down in the sofa after putting on the dish washer and connecting my phone to our bluetooth speaker. The sofa, the tv, a kitchen table and a small chaise is all that … Continue reading Moving from Sweden to Zambia