Monthly wrap up

January is finally coming to it´s end. It has felt like 90 days instead of soon 30. Everybody keeps telling me “January is always long”, but I have never really felt like that before. In Sweden I always felt it was grey, cold and dark, but February has less days and feels as grey, cold and dark. This year though, January has showed it´s true … Continue reading Monthly wrap up

An appreciating post to #bookstagram

The end of the year is here and it is naturally a time of contemplating what was good and bad during the year. We are also closing a decade this New Year, so much time that passed and I feel like I have hardly noticed. But our kid is turning 12 in March next year so obviously time has passed. A decade of mostly being … Continue reading An appreciating post to #bookstagram

Soon time for Holiday in Zambia

Hi after a long time! This is winter! Summer disappeared and so did I. Most of Autumn was spent working and reading and trying to catch as much sunshine as possible until the darkness arrived. I managed quite okay until the end of October when I got a cold and after that it has just continued being hard. This week I got a flare again … Continue reading Soon time for Holiday in Zambia