One Year on #Bookstagram

On the 10th of August 2019 I decided to start a separate Instagram account to only use on what is commonly called #bookstagram. I felt a need to escape the real Instagram and maybe, sometimes the world, and all it is telling me about it self through social media like IG. I need brakes a couple of time of the year but I always felt like I was missing the inspiration and getaway that IG also can give and especially form the different book accounts I was following. So I decided that my bookstagram account should be the escape and hideaway I sometimes needed. And so far I must say it has worked very well. It has made me read more books and especially more diverse books. I had not read a Feelgood since Marian Keyes In the 1990s and now there is so many different changers and styles of books that I feel like I will never get bored. Bookstagram is full of inspirational accounts and reviews but also just a very chill place to hang and see what others are reading. There is bookclubs to follow if you feel like it and plenty of challenges. I always read a lot when I was younger but kids happened and this last year bookstagram has played a big part in me finding my way home to what I love again. I should have never abandoned her, that girl that rather read in her room a Friday evening than watching a movie and spent the whole Christmas brake reading books around the house and annoying her little sister by not wanting to play. She read all the time. And I wonder, who she would have been today if something like Bookstagram would have been there that time? She was such a nerd (that is still very true though) and she would have loved a nerdy community like that.

Photo by Alice

This grown woman sure does and one thing she knows that the young girl didn’t know, is that it is never to late to dream and there is no need to stress about getting older, the right time to live that dream has always been right now.

And this summer has been all about resting and recharging, it has meant alot (and I mean ALOT) of reading, when I could start to read again. Reading in the sofa, in the bed, on the balcony, on the beach. Books are my bags, as it says on my first IG pic on Bookstagram. Go check it out at jchangalabooks!

Just look at all the reading spots. Where do you read in the summer?

Well, there has been a lot of talks about books on my resent posts. Soon, I promise, I will update you more on family and life and so on.


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