Weekend at The Changalas

It has been a good weekend at our house. On Saturday we got the good news that Biden/Harris won! Finally the counting was done and we all could breath out for a bit. I believe in character and role models, and kicking Trump out of the White House gives the world hope. Having a leader with that much power being able to say so many toxic and violent things without any repercussions, it affects the world, the space we live in, the climate of what words can be used and how we treat other people.

So now, let us breath out, hold it, breath in, hold it, breath out again and then start thinking about how to continue to do the work that is needed. We have so much to do, in all the corners of the world. And for us living in Europe I hope this can bring inspiration to kick out the right wing racists that has taken more and more power in our different countries. We are ready to live in a world where we are all free.

So Yesterday we felt like celebrating a bit. We also celebrated that Mayani was home safe from a two week trip to Zambia, and that our family and friends over there are all fine. He went to celebrate his grand father that turned 100 years old this year and checked in on our family and our house. It is not always easy for him, and us, to live so far from them, and we had planned to do this trip in June. Now because of the pandemic it was pushed until now, plus I decided to stay home.

The rest of the weekend we have been resting and chilling at home. Eaten mangoes. I have cooked some nice food and baked some bread. Sylvia celebrated her best friend that has turned seven and Alice has been busy plaiting her own hair (she watched You Tube and learned how to) with extensions that Mayani came with from their cousins in Lusaka.

Sylvia wanted pink hair for school this week.

I also did my yoga practice in and got my walks. Plus bubbles, mangoes, rest and family. It was a good one.
I hope that your weekend was nice!

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