Farm dreams

New year, new dreams? For me, not really. Same dreams and time is just moving on. To be honest I had nothing against leaving 2021 behind. It was a year of great things, like a intercontinental move, but also a year of loss. My grand mother died in April, we left Sweden behind (I love living in Zambia but when having two countries there is always one that is missed, no matter what) and December was one of the toughest months so far. We lost Josephine, and we still don’t know 100 % what caused her death. So instead of being the month when we rested and had a fun time planning and preparing for the holidays we where at the funeral in Northern Zambia and grieving a young girl that dreamt about becoming “the rich aunt”. I really don’t want to write more about this. About her or about the thoughts I have about all of it. We barely took us through December, that’s it. And on Christmas day I got sick, and then Mayani and then the kids. So we spent New Years sleeping in the sofa.

So on last Saturday at least we felt a little bit better and we felt the need of escaping the city and people in general, and so we went to the farm. It has rained, even if it is not as much as it should be. But the farm was green and the steam that runs on the border of it had filled up with brown water that was really flowing. It was a pretty sight. And in all of it I felt grateful, and happy. Like that childish kind of happiness where you just want to run around and giggle at how cute and pretty and fun things are. My adult side is slowly starting to understand that the farm, or at least being out in nature, is my happy place.

Going in to this new year does not mean making new year resolutions (to be honest it has really never been my thing), but to make a promise to myself to be more in the moment, be grateful for the life I am living and just enjoy. enjoy as much as I can. and this year it might mean being alot on the farm and experience the whole first year and the seasons there. we have now already seen it dry and and without the stream flowing and this weekend after the rains water was streaming down that little river. It was so exiting to see and so beautiful. I felt inspired just being there and got ideas on how I should start building and preparing my first vegetable beds. Also we have planted some maize, some trees, sugar canes (yes we can grow sugar canes here!). Slowly but surely that farm will provide more food than we can eat and I will have to learn how to preserve it, share it and sell it. And I am so looking forward to all of it! How is your plans, ideas or resolutions for this new year? How do you imagine 2022 turning out?


3 thoughts on “Farm dreams

  1. Kul att läsa om drömmar och planer. Själv känner jag mig lite tom på det just nu. Allt jag önskar för 2022 är att vi kan få säga bye bye till restriktioner.


    1. Det är säkert för att ni också uppfyllt flera drömmar senaste sex månaderna. Önskar också att 2022 ska bli mindre restriktioner men tror tyvärr vi är långt ifrån det än. Speciellt så länge stora delar av jordens befolkning är ovaccinerade.


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