Still thinking about writing

As time moves and the summer (in Sweden) passes by, I still find myself writing small bits and pieces. I didn´t continue with the classic literature course since I early on felt it was not what I wanted right now. I just want to write creatively about anything I feel like writing about. I journal. I sit with my writing projects and try to write beautiful sentences and making the story come alive (works some days, most days I feel like all I am writing sucks). I think about writing. I get ideas and I write them down and I dismiss them and I save them. I think a lot about how to try to make money writing. Brain storming ideas on how to make this something I can live off and not only do in my head. I read Substack, articles about how to use it and I read other writers work on it, to get an idea about how I can share more of my creative journey. Because for me the end goal has become to try to make a living from this, from writing. I know most people writing does not become bestseller autors and millionairs, but to be honest, working as a nurse does not make your rich either. I know most writers struggle to make ends meet, and that they have other jobs while trying to pursue writing as a career. I know all that, and I still want to try this.
Its a fact that I already chose a “safe job” this lifetime. I am a nurse and will always be able to get a job, always go back here to Sweden and work during the summer months to make our finances less depressing. And I am prepared to keep doing that as long as I have to. But I also do not want to have nursing as my primary job anymore. Yes, there I said it!
So, my thoughts about Substack is to start writing a newsletter. How often it will be published I don’t know yet but I plan to write about my life, our life, in Lusaka and Zambia. And further on also sharing more about my writing journey. Would you read it? What would you like to know about our life down south? Tell me and I will try my best to answer your questions. You can already go and subscribe to my Lusaka Letters be sure to get the first update.

Life in Sweden the last month: Been to the west of the country to celebrate mum and spend some time with my sister and my niece and my nephew. picked blueberries and swam in the biggest lake in Sweden. Love being there. Love the forest. And then I have been working.


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