Always this thing called weather

We have summer weather now. All this talk of weather, the controlling nature of its matter. How it changes moods and affects bodies. Weather in Sweden is everything, and nothing. Nothing to rely on. Sometimes I let myself wonder how we would be as a society if we had good weather all the time. Scary. But right now weather is good. This week we are well above 20 degrees and Mayani is enjoying his small garden. I have had another period of pain and am starting a month of eating cortison today. I just hope it will help so I can just continue living my life. And enjoy his garden.


We built a small veranda, as Sylvia is calling it. Where I can sit and watch them work (until my body is better), read and drink coffe or a glass of wine. We got the wood parts from my sister and her husband, the stones too. And the old chairs we have had for years. The small flower in the corner is a clematis that will climb up and cover the small pergola. A small pergola even here in Sweden. The small things.



Open windows and doors before sleep to get a cool room. Ice cream on the balcony with the kids.


A slow walk in the evening with kids on bikes. Now focusing on the small, beautiful and comfortable things in my life.


We have some months now. As my mother always says, summer starts at my sisters birthday in mid-May and ends at my birthday in mid-September. The time is now.



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