Article in The Buzz Zambia

February has so far been an interesting experience. Schools are up and running so my main job is to be the kids chauffeur and do the school runs. When I come back home in the mornings I have time, for almost the first time in my life, to do whatever I feel like. And what I do right now is mostly my studying, writing and thinking about how to develop my writing. A couple of weeks ago I got an inquiry to write an article for a digital magazine based here in Zambia. Because of the situation I have now found myself in, I could easily say yes and write something up before the dead line. It was a great experience to be able to say yes to something I want to do and know I would be able to deliver. The theme for the issue was mental health, lifestyle and happiness. I wrote a piece on about our choice to move and live here in Zambia. Would love if you want to go and read it and have a say on what you think (starting to enjoy feedback from readers more and more, I learn a lot from it). Download the February issue of The Buzz Zambia here: The Buzz February Issue!

My face on The Buzz Instagram

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the piece and am now hoping I get more chances to write for others, and not only here on my blog. Putting it out here!


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